Flame Grilled Chicken
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The Legend of Barcelos

The idealization of the Barcelo’s Rooster derived from a legend concerning a galego who was sentenced to hang despite his protests of innocence.

In a last-minute appeal to the judge, who was having dinner at the time, the condemned man made a bold statement:

If his claim of innocence was true, the roasted rooster, resting on the judges plate would get up and crow. Suddenly, a glorious scarlet-plumed cockerel rose from the plate, crowing loud and long. The man was acquitted, of course!

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The Barcelos range of chicken products are known for their quality and generous portions, and promote return visits to the site. As important as the Barcelos Legend is, so is the marinade recipe used for Barcelos Chicken, which is so old its origins cannot be traced. Using the finest quality chickens, Barcelos Chickens are marinated for 24 hours and then flame grilled to absolute perfection.

Bringing you the African ambiance and blending it with Portuguese style cuisine, it is an experience by itself. Designed to the highest standards of the food industry with all safety and health regulations implemented carefully.


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