Windermere Currents, Edmonton

Windermere Currents, Edmonton

Dive into a Global Culinary Adventure at Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken in Windermere Currents, Edmonton!

Experience a harmonious blend of tastes at Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken, ideally located at 6189 Currents Drive NW, in the lively neighbourhood of Windermere Currents, Edmonton, Alberta. We offer beautifully cooked meals, made with fresh ingredients and seasoned with our special blend of peri-peri spices. With dishes drawn from the culinary traditions of Portugal and South Africa, we welcome you on a food adventure that knows no boundaries.

Barcelos takes pride in its commitment to quality, using only top-notch, seasonally sourced ingredients. We appreciate the charm of wholesome meals, each reflecting a facet of Portuguese and South African culinary heritage, seamlessly brought together with Alberta’s bountiful produce.

Our spot in the heart of Windermere Currents is teeming with life, nestled among the neighbourhood’s diverse attractions. We’re just a stone’s throw away from Windermere Currents Shopping Centre, a local hotspot for shopping, services, and entertainment. Plus, the nearby Ambleside Park, with its peaceful trails and views, makes for a perfect post-meal stroll.

Situated in vibrant south Edmonton, Barcelos provides a stylish, social setting where folks gather to share delicious food and engaging conversations. We are more than a restaurant; we are a community cornerstone, mirroring the city’s rich cultural mosaic.

Promoting healthy eating forms a crucial part of our philosophy. We recognize the rising demand for nutritious alternatives in the dining scene, which is why our menu highlights dishes that are as health-conscious as they are flavour-packed.

After spending your day swinging clubs at the Windermere Golf and Country Club or exploring the natural beauty of nearby Terwillegar Park, Barcelos is the ideal spot to unwind. We welcome you to join us, whether you’re an Edmonton local or a visitor charmed by the allure of the Prairie Provinces.

At Barcelos, we’re doing more than serving food. We’re curating experiences, nurturing friendships, and fostering a sense of community. Savour the distinctive blend of Portuguese and South African flavours, appreciate the Canadian culinary scene, and enjoy the unique atmosphere we provide. Welcome to Barcelos, where every meal is a celebration, and every guest is valued.


    Windermere Currents, Edmonton
  • Street: 6189 Currents Drive, NW Edmonton, AB T6W 0L9

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Windermere Currents, Edmonton

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